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Ways to choose razor blades correctly

More and more ladies are using razor blades for eyebrow trimming now, but what are the most important features for a razor blade? Sharpness? Duration? Good material? Brand reputation? I think all of these features matter. SEM Cosmetics produce our blades to make sure quality by paying high attention to following processes and items.

Among all the materials in the market, Sweden stainless steel is better then other materials, high quality imported stainless steel make blades sharper and more durable than normal material blades.

Sharpness and durations are 2 key features of razor blades. Only a blade with teflon and chromium nitride by most advanced nano sputtering technology have best sharpness and duration. 

Also after treating with fine grinding wheel, you can enjoy shaving and trimming much more smoothly.   

Automatic packaging machines make packages neat and clear.   
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